Fantastic show tonight at the Bike Shed, we nearly sold out and had a ton more great feedback! Thanks to the launch party last night, the Devoted and Disgruntled session this weekend, and tremendous support from the guys at Worklight Theatre, we were able to get upwards of 40 people in the house tonight (that's a sold out house in Edinburgh!). And we got to chat with some of them afterward, which was really nice....touching, rather. The support we have received is touching.

And we had a great volunteer from Worklight running front of house, and another great volunteer from Worklight running our lights and sound. Hooray for Worklight!

The guys are currently doing a reading of one of Sean's plays here in the living room, while Adam cooks us dinner and I update the interwebs on our doings. Like the Phonic FM interview today, where we got to hear some great music and chat with DJ Peachy, who has been with the station since its inception and filled us in on how they run the joint, which is really cool. They are non-profit, operate on money they earn off charity concerts, and basically get to do whatever they want because of it. Pretty cool stuff.

And I better not forget, we had at least 2 reviewers in the house tonight , so keep your eyes peeled and we will post those as soon as we get word.

Gotta go eat now and help with dishes. Just want you to know, though - this trip has been amazing. So thank you thank you thank you. I cannot express my disbelief and gratitude about this opportunity.

Love from England,

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