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4 Stars! Woohoo, let's get some butts in these seats!

Do you ever wonder what lies beneath the red nose and big shoes? All an Act gives the audience a peek behind the scenes of the circus to see the people behind the make-up, because after all clowns are real people too. Relationship issues, swearing and talk of STDs ensue as we explore the trials and tribulations of clowning around.The show is performed by Depot Theatre and comprises of two clowns, Petunia and Merkin, a warring double act whose bad feeling is spurred on by a previous drunken night of sexual activities. Cue a show of quarrelling clowns whose words spark amusement, sadness and intrigue. The script is good, fast paced and full of character - keeping its audience involved and entertained throughout - with just the right amount of nods to clowning to keep the theme well and truly in the air.

The acting is equally good - extremely natural and easy to watch. Both actors should be commended for their ability to deliver the script with such ease; their physical and vocal techniques are spot on for their differing characters. Set in one dressing room for the entirety of the play the blocking could have been difficult, but both actors move around the stage with a realistic air further drawing the audience into the clowns’ unexpected relationship.

With a wonderful twist at the end, All an Act is an enjoyable show that deserves a far bigger audience than it received; I will leave you with my favourite quote ‘why do you say things that make me want to kill you?’ Surely everyone can relate to that.

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