So the Fringe is over - not officially, since there are shows tonight and tomorrow - but for all the shows we had any sort of personal attachment to, the Fringe is over and done with. I think it has been a great experience for so many people, all of the friends we've made here would do it all over again. And we would too, if it didn't cost so dern much. 

It took a lot of hard work and the dedicated support of so many people (that's you) to get us here, and to let you know how successful it was, here are some factoids I've concocted:

All an Act 2012 Edinburgh Fringe Numbers:

13 shows
3 sell-outs
200 or so seats occupied at some point or another(sometimes by the same person three times)
4 reviews(2 4-star, a 3-star from the national newspaper, which is a 4-star anywhere else, and one group of kids playing reviewer[did I say that?])
1 UK tour booked(with two more reviewers and a producer)
46 Production photos taken
100's of photos taken of us on the mile
20 odd(in both meanings) friends made
And endless experience and memories gained we will never forget....

Now that that's taken care of, here's my theory on All an Act's success, from a business standpoint:

If there are 2,700 shows here, there were about 1,000 plays. There is no way 100 of those plays were asked to tour the show, and there is no way 100 of those plays got a 5-star review, or even multiple 4-star reviews. So All an Act is running in the 90th percentile. Not bad for a bunch of grad students who put together a show and a budget, and made both work together. And not bad for a group of 120 or so people who decided to take a chance and help out the aforementioned group of grad students.

Go team.

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