Well you'd think with the Fringe done and the tour set we'd be sitting here having margaritas, with no news in store. But nope, wish we could be that boring (or do I?).

The tour is still going as planned, but as we get ready for it we are trying to promote the show, the international NYC aspect, and of course the huge success we've had here in Edinburgh. So we got a new press release together and some of the best production photos from New York and Edinburgh, and sent it out to a bunch of people in the Exeter/Devon area. And we are starting to get some hits back, the most exciting of which is the BBC Radio interview we'll be doing Monday the 3rd of September, for BBC Radio Devon. Pretty cool stuff, huh? We'll also be receiving at least one, probably two or three, reviews for the show in Exeter. 

We'll keep you updated on everything that we get going, should be hearing back from more and more people as the days go on. 

All an Act takes over the UK, 
8/24/2012 09:05:16 am

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