We open our mini-run here in Exeter tonight, and we are pleased as punch. I don't think I've ever been this excited to do the show, the space is incredible (I keep telling people Brooklyn needs the Bike Shed and will never have enough theatre interest to get it, damn musicians) and last night we made the rounds at the Bike Shed Season Launch Party and were immediately plunged into the deep end of the artistic community in Devon. Theatre companies, arts council funders, promoters, media reps, and patrons came out to show their support. We sold something like 15-20 tickets just last night thanks to the efforts of everyone there. We also secured two more reviewers for the show, which leaves us at 5 total now, more than we got in Edinburgh in 13 shows, and we spoke to the BBC while at the party via phone to get the word out even farther. We'll also be on http://www.phonic.fm/ today at 11:30 am New York time (4:30 Exeter time) for another radio interview, this time with a local station that really promotes the arts. AND we'll probably have a bit more freedom to just hang out with them, since we'll be in studio for this one. 

It's really cool to see this community so alive with theatre and theatre makers. I don't know that a more welcoming and supportive community exists on this scale in the US...I highly doubt it, in fact. But it does exist here, and thanks to all the help we received from our fans back home (that's you), we are now an extension of that community and can bring it home with us, and hopefully make our international presence an extra boost for them as well.

See you on closing night,
-The Clowns

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