Wow oh wow oh wow oh wow! What a day here in Edinburgh (yesterday nothing much happened, and we all felt like going home and to bed after a glass of scotch).

But today was a different story!

Finally got all 10,000 flyers from the printers after so much hassle it should be illegal. Saw a great little high school group doing shakespeare, and an incredible show called How to Start a Riot that has Occupy Wall Street written all over it, just incredible. Then it was off to the Royal Mile, where we tooled around in our makeup and gear making friends and getting butts in seats. 

And as if that wasn't enough, we had our great new friends from Blind Mirth come yet again to help us fill the house for a reviewer we were meant to have in the house. And they brought more and more people, over 30 I think, our biggest house by almost double. They give us a bad name with their generosity, we're going out in a few minutes to buy them a drink. 

And as if THAT wasn't enough, a photographer we met on the Royal Mile, Gunnar Bye from Norway, is heading home tomorrow, and was only available tonight. So he came to the show to take photos. For free. Completely for free. He was so happy to see the show, loved it, took a bunch of pictures "for fun" as he put it, then went home. We'll have the photos in the emails soon enough. 

It's just an incredible world here. Last night we were all feeling kind of bummed, small house, stolen iPods(mine, taken to Portugal as it turns out), more hassle from our printers and yet another day without a review we've been expecting for a week. Then today happens and we just can't wait to get up and do it again.

More to come from us and the world of Fringe, but for now we owe a bunch of college kids some good times...

-All an Act

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