Such a huge couple of days for us here. Preview night was a really nice environment to get the show set in the new space. And our World Premier Opening Night Extravaganza was more than we could have ever hoped for. We had some friends from Heaven's Gate come by, and they loved the show. We also had what we think was a high school troop performing at The Fringe come by, a good six or so kids, raucous audience members(much more of a good thing than a bad thing tonight). And after meeting him today at Meet the Media at Edinburgh Fringe Central, the Arts Editor of The Scotsman, the biggest Scottish newspaper, came by to check out the show since he was "in the area." He took notes and we're hoping we may get in an article or review with them soon. Meanwhile we continue to dress up and paper various parts of the city with our advertisements, and every day more and more people know about All an Act. It's a trip, and we have plenty of media coming in in the next week to put up a few more reviews, interviews, and articles. We love FRINGE!!!! Thank you everybody for giving us this opportunity, not a bit of it has been wasted on us!!!

And in case you haven't already, check out a little ditty we made to show you our daily trip to our theatre from our apartment, entitled "Weebly Goes to Rehearsal."

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