I'm incredibly jazzed about the way the show is being received (aside from that elderly couple that appeared disgruntled upon exiting yesterday). It appears we have a smallish hit on our hands with several more showings to go.  

Running around the city with Petunia pretty much sold me on the idea that, yes, there are men out there with clown fetishes. And they are creepy in oh, so many ways.

Attended "How to Start a Riot" today, playing in the same theatre as we, and was ridiculously impressed by both the performances and the use of visuals. I may have to see this one again, and I would recommend it to everyone.

Many thanks to the casts of "Blind Mirth" and "Proof" for taking the time to watch us work. Their enthusiasm for the work was extremely gracious.

Kat hates burner phones and she wants everyone to know that. She also hates customer services numbers that make you pay to talk to them. There is also a strong disliking for roosters, but I never really inquired further about that.

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