Day Off today, which means we took a great surgery at Fringe Central today on how to potentially tour a show in the UK or abroad. We have a huge list of contacts we will be inviting to the show, who knows, maybe someone will want to give us yet another great opportunity, and allow us to do this wonderful show a while longer. 

Melody and Kathleen went to yet another meet the media event. Thankfully for all of us here at the Fringe, a lot of great organizations are trying really hard to give us all chances to network and get in front of the media in the hopes we will get bigger audiences and more reviews. 

And after all that, it's time for a full night's sleep, there's a first time for everything...

Love to all the hometown fans,

Adam, Kathleen, Melody, and Sean

(And here's some tattoo fireworks for your enjoyment...)

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