What a day in the royal city of Edinburgh. Found out that walking across town to get groceries was about as pointless as a bicycle with one wheel. The city is growing as more and more shows arrive and put up posters. Met some cool folks at a mojito party for participants in the Fringe, and got to make our own mojitos, and pass out a couple flyers we printed ourselves because of some delays on our posters and flyers. But posters get finished tomorrow and you can bet yer bonnet they will be up all over Edinburgh, and we'll be on the Royal Mile in full regalia getting butts in seats for the preview night of All an Act tomorrow, August 3rd at 22:30. Edinburgh skyline at sunset is another thing to love. 

But get ready for tomorrow, when we bring you the highly anticipated and critically pre-acclaimed two or three or four depending on what we get done minutes in the life of the star of our show, Mr. Weebly himself. Sure to break records in the box office of your face. 

Edinburgh Fringe is in full effect in t-minus 8 hours! Let the games begin!

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