Wooooohooooooo!!!!! Guess what we did!!!! Sold out our Thursday night show! That's big for Edinburgh, imagine a city that doubles it's population and hosts 2,700 shows in over 300 spaces....and of all the gin joints in all the world, 42 people decide simultaneously to come see All an Act at Surgeons' Hall. And guess what else. None of them left disappointed. We had the great casts of Trojan Women and Ovid checking us out, as well as an Actors Studio Drama School Alum we met on the Royal Mile randomly, and a few new friends from Blind Mirth and the crew they brought with them. Plenty of shows here advertise when they come back for a second run that they sold out a show in Edinburgh, and plenty of them rig it so all their friends and family come on one night to fill the house. But we didn't do that, and we can still lay claim to all of it. So hooray for all of our friends and family who created this successful show, we wouldn't be able to do it without you, we wouldn't even want to. And now you can all go to your bridge clubs, faculty meetings, PTA meetings, social gatherings, and business luncheons and brag about how you helped create a sell-out show in the biggest Arts Festival in the world.

Now I know I just kind of knocked your socks off, but there's more...

We had two reviewers from edfringereview.com come the night before our sell out show. And they both gave us four stars, here's the link, you should check it out. That means All an Act is a three-time four-star show, and if you'll recall that little three-star we got from The Scotsman, the biggest newspaper here...turns out they are trying to do away with the five-star review and work on a scale of four unless they see the greatest show of all time and can award it a five. So our three-star there is a four-star anywhere else easy. So print that out on your business cards folks, you made a sell out show that blew audiences and critics away in Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012. 

Be proud of yourselves, we are so grateful for you.

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