All right kids, we've got 4 performances left, and it feels like we just got here last week.
We've been working our butts off out on the Mile, peddling our show and getting people to come out and see it. We had a good show last night - barring the fact that my nose keeps falling off - and Adam and Mel even met a fellow ASDS alum out on the street! He graduated in 2004 and said he would come see the show - it would be awfully nice to have some hometown support in this last stretch.
Going out on the Mile again soon, I've stocked up on the cough syrup, and oh, our air mattress sprung a leak a couple nights ago, leading us to sleep on the floor one night and on a half-deflated mattress the next. We think we've fixed it though (fingers crossed).

Love from Scotland,
All an Act

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