Hey! We got our photos from Gunnar! Here's a taste for you, it will take a bit for us to upload some choice ones to the website's slideshow. You can see Kathleen as Petunia doing her best ballerina(not bad, eh?) and Adam as Merkin being depressed and alcoholic. If you look close you can also see the ceiling and the back of the curtain, which gives you an idea of how small our space is, although we make do pretty well I would say.

Got out on the Royal Mile today as Merkin, swigging a flask and causing a scene, trying our best to figure out what kind of "advertising" really sells the show rather than just dressing up like clowns(everyone thinks they know what a clown is until they actually think about it). Seems like it went well, plenty of people are interested in the show, so we'll see if they come 'round. Meanwhile our friends at Blind Mirth and our new friends at The Awesome Show are plugging our show for us as we plug theirs, so we hope to be able to help each other out since our audiences like to see good stuff that's funny.

It's hard work making theatre, so it's time for some foods, a rest and maybe a show. Fight the good fight!

-All an Act
8/22/2012 05:55:16 am

Your pals at The Awesome Show need more flyers, and we think it would be a good idea to have drinks soon.


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