Sold out our last three shows! That ain't bad for a bunch of first timer clowns. This has been so incredible, and we get people literally every day throwing love our way and complimenting the work that we've been doing, we've reached hundreds of people and made nearly all of them laugh or cry, and both in a good way. We are working on some cool stuff and we are really close to hopefully having a final word, which we'll send your way tomorrow, but for now we leave you with the best photo we've taken so far. 

The cast of Blind Mirth, an incredible improv group, came to see closing night (several of them saw us twice before that) and they painted their noses red in our honor. So we told them to come on stage and grab their favourite prop and strike a pose. Here are the results. 

Love to everyone who made us the happiest clowns north of the River Thames...

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