Yes, you read that right. All an Act will be joining The BikeShed Theatre September 4th and 5th for a limited run. The BikeShed Theatre is located in Exeter, and found us through the wonderful folks at How to Start a Riot, who helped us secure the run and are even going to give us a place to sleep. We'll be slightly re-staging the show for a larger stage and then taking most of the same gear down in a rental car, then driving through the night to get back to Edinburgh on the 6th of September for our changed flights. 

This is a bit of a dream come true for all of us, and after the last three nights of our run in Edinburgh were sold out, a perfect way to carry on our momentum a while longer, to another audience and potentially to another group of publications that may have interest in writing about our show.

We continue to be floored by the feedback we get about our show, and the success it has been having. I mean we knew we were good, but not this good...just kidding. The friends we've met here and the many many hearts we've touched will be something we all remember for a long time. And now we think we know what we're doing and what we've got, we'll be able to parlay this success into further iterations of All an Act, like this run at The BikeShed Theatre.

-The Clowns

P.S. check our facebooks and tweeters and everything for some fun photos of us on the Mile...

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